Epic Games distributes Christmas presents every day of the year

Epic Games has been generous and distributed games for free all year round, but now they put in a gear and hand out Christmas presents every day.

Epic Games is celebrating Christmas and New Year really and now announces that they will be handing out a free game every day from December 17 until December 31.

We do not know exactly which games we have to look forward to, but it is said to have leaked a list of which games it can be as you can see below and should it be the case that this list is correct, it is a really good game to look forward to against!

Every day at 17.00 is when we will visit the Epic Games Store to get the chance to take part in new games every day throughout the year.

December 17: Dying Light
December 18: Resident Evil 7
December 19: The Witcher 3
December 20: Mass Effect: Andromeda
December 21: Assassin’s Creed Origins
December 22: Metal Gear Solid V
December 23: The Evil Within 2:
December 24: Far Cry 5
December 25: Fallout 4
December 26: Borderlands 3
December 27: Monster Hunter Worlds
December 28: Dragon Age Inquisition
December 29: Horizon Zero Dawn
December 30: Ghost Recon Breakpoint
December 31: Hitman 2