Epic Games examines monthly subscriptions for Fortnite

Epic Games battle royale phenomenon Fortnite has, as is well known, been free-to-play since day one, with battle passes and skins as alternatives for those players who still feel they want to pay for themselves (or brag about the other kids in the schoolyard). Now, however, they are exploring new ways to earn even a little more money!

In a fresh Fortnite-search indicates Epic Games’ interest in a monthly subscription, and what we as players imagine in that case that it should contain. You will find screenshots in FireMonkey’s tweet below, which lists the options “the current battle pass”, “1000 v-bucks every month”, “1000 v-bucks every week”, “25 battle pass levels”, exclusive cosmetic items , early access to the next battle pass and sales.

If this leads to something in the end is hard to say, but if I am allowed to chip freely, it will be a more luxurious battle pass, for those players who want to spend even more money. And there are probably a lot of them.

Here is FireMonkey’s tweet about Epic Games’ new Fortnite-investigation.