Epic Games originally wanted special treatment according to Apple

Fortnite developer Epic Games has done a great job of fighting what they call Apple’s monopoly on the distribution of software on iOS and the sale of digital goods on the platform.

But according to Apple’s legal response, in June Epic Games will first try to get special treatment from Apple’s App Store manager, Phil Schiller, regarding how Epic could offer apps on the App Store. As evidence, Apple attached three emails, reports CNBC.

When Epic Games did not get it, they instead activated a hidden feature in Fortnite for iOS that made it possible to buy the game’s currency directly from Epic Games, which violates the App Store rules. Apple then removed Fortnite from the App Store, after which Epic Games filed a lawsuit.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has previously said that the company did not want special treatment but was interested in changes that can help all developers.

Macrumours notes that Tim Sweeney has now responded via Twitter that Apple’s claim is misleading and that Epic Games in the same email said that they wanted Apple to make the same changes for all iOS developers.

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