Epos introduces true wireless tricks for gaming

Epos has now presented a couple of brand new true wireless headphones with a not entirely unexpected perhaps focus on gaming.

Epos, which was previously part of Sennhesier’s gaming division, has now presented its first true wireless headset GTW 270 Hybrid, which will not completely unexpectedly focus on gaming.

GTW 270 Hybrid can be used on phones, computers and consoles, but then it is completely wireless that applies. It comes with a USB-C dongle that you can use for a console, which is a plus. But if you want to use the headphones for phone or PC, it is bluetooth that applies.

Epos GTW 270 Hybrid

Epos has equipped the GTW 270 Hybrid with its own elements for a better and deeper base according to Epos themselves. To keep latency down as much as possible, Epos uses the aptX Low Latency codec, which can be a must for gaming.

According to Epos, the battery life of the GTW 270 Hybrid should be five hours and a total of 20 hours when you charge them in your case. To fully charge your case, it takes 90 minutes and you do it via USB-C.

GTW 270 Hybrid can be ordered now via Epos own website, the price tag is SEK 2,250 and if you feel that a USB-C dongle is not needed, you can order without it for a few hundred less.

Epos GTW 270 Hybrid