Epos presents the new H6PRO series – Teknikhype.se

Time for something new from Epos and this time it’s about the brand new H6PRO series where we recognize the design but with new features.

Time for a brand new series from Epos called the H6PRO series, actually it is not completely new but improvements have been made to previous Game Zero and GSP 600 from Epos and Sennheiser.

The H6PRO series will initially consist of two different models where the difference is one has an open (open) and the other closed (closed) back, neither of the two models will not be wireless but you have to put up with a cable, 3.5mm cable to be exact.

Both H6PRO models are available for purchase now Epos website with a price tag of SEK 2,000. The colors you can choose from are black, white and Halo green.

Epic H6PRO series Epic H6PRO series Epic H6PRO series Epic H6PRO series