Ever more popular, Splitgate remains in Bta

The latest fashion free-to-play was a victim of its success at the end of July, forcing itself to postpone its release in version 1.0 to Saint-Glinglin so as not to find itself in a delicate situation. Ever more popular, he confirms that he is in no rush.

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They were 2 million on July 27. More than 10 million players have now downloaded Splitgate. With early access on PC since May 24 and in Open Bta on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One for a little less than a month, Portal’s mtin online multiplayer FPS continues to hit hard. The latest figures speak of peak attendance of 175,000 players simultaneously. The kind of thing that can quickly overwhelm a small organization.

We take the time

1047 Games has therefore taken a decision to prevent certain inconveniences from scaring away the little patient and very demanding players. Splitgate will remain in open Bta for the next few weeks to refine the backend framework and work on the necessary fixes as well as the stability of the servers.. But much like Among Us, this does not mean that only the technical part is taken into consideration.

Before the final release, not yet stalled, updates will be frequent and additional content should not be missing. We imagine that additional modes and tools will be made available to fans. But to know more, it will already go through the stage of Gamescom, where “important announcements” are scheduled. During the Opening Night Live that you can follow with us? Come on, let’s put a little coin.