Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 – Attributes, Skills and Perks

November 19 and the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is still a distant dream, but if you are something like me it is a dream you live in every day. If I do not read, watch or listen Cyberpunk 2077, so I think about it. These daydreams always land in speculations about game mechanics. In this text I compile everything we know about Attributes, Skills and Perks in Cyberpunk 2077 – so that you, just like me – can dream up a V to play this winter.

The information is collected from every inch of cyberspace and critically reviewed as far as possible. A couple of sources are worth reproducing as their work is incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, I personally have not had the pleasure of trying Cyberpunk 2077, but if you search for international press and influencers, you will find hundreds of posts that prove the information in this article.

The character creator

Among the first articles that got rolled after the press got to talk about their auditions of Cyberpunk 2077 var Kotakus “Everything You Need To Know About Cyberpunk 2077’s Customization”And how they confirmed genital mutilation ESRB described. In the article, it also discovered that the game has relatively extensive choices to shape the character’s appearance.

Appearance does not affect your character’s performance at all.

You should be able to choose between a large or small penis, circumcised or not, a vagina, or having the genitals completely disabled. Here it is difficult to tell if it means that the snippet or snippet is just not visible or if the character then has no genitals at all. There are five types of pubic hair that can be dyed.

When it comes to other choices, there are plenty of options to put together your look. Everything from skin tone to hairstyle and scars and cybernetic lines in the skin. Beard eye types and eye color are also included, but the number of variations is unclear. In some cases, it has also been reported that the buttocks and breasts can be adapted, but this may be from older character creators. Below is a list of the number of options reported by several sources.

  • 35 hairstyles
  • 6 skin tones
  • 8 eyebrows or none
  • 8 eyebrow colors
  • 8 cybernetic marks or none
  • 17 noses
  • 17 mouths
  • 17 jaws
  • 17 pairs of ears
  • 9 facial scars or none
  • 6 face tattoos
  • 11 piercings or none
  • 6 piercing colors
  • 5 types of teeth (4 according to some)
  • 8 eye makeup
  • 9 eye makeup colors
  • 6 lip makeup
  • 9 lip makeup colors
  • 5 child make-up
  • 3 cheek makeup colors
  • 3 rashes
  • 6 choice colors
  • Long or short nails
  • 10 nail colors
  • 3 pairs of nipples
  • 5 body tattoos
  • 2 body scars

Among the testimonies, the number varies slightly and some also present different skin types, what it could be. Take the number with a pinch of salt and instead see the totality of combinations that allow for a wide variety of characters. The choices are not as extensive as if body parts had been adjustable with sliders, but when the building blocks are predetermined, the model as a whole usually looks better purely aesthetically.

You also choose body type, male or female and one of two voices. It seems that the type of voice determines which pronouns other characters use when talking about your character (not confirmed). But above all, the character will be addressed as V.

Customize your look in Cyberpunk 2077.
An older version of the character creator from the gameplay presentation 2019.


Before we go into the main section of this article, the one about Attribute, Skills and Perks, it is worth knowing that when you create your character, you also get to choose background history. The origin of your character is an important part of the role-playing experience and is a central pillar in how the adventure takes shape. The choice of Lifepath gives you unique choices through the game and a unique introduction.

The three life choices are Street Kid, Nomad and Corpo. You can read more about them and see thematic presentations of them here.

Attribute, Skills and Perks

While the appearance of your character is purely a visual design and the background story is the composition for role-playing and choices, your Attributes, Skills and Perks are the mechanical components of your character. They control how well your character will perform and what freedoms you can take when exploring and interacting with the world. For example, you may need a specific Attribute value to select a dialog option, or to break a door. At the same time, Attribute gives statistical properties to your character such as health, armor and endurance. In other words, they are very important in the design of your style of play.

There are five Attributes (Body, Reflexes, Intelligence, Technical Ability and Cool). Under each Attribute you have Skills which in turn have their own Perks with branches. In total there are twelve Skills and each has about 20 Perks in different branches.

Much of the information here is based on facts compiled by Dantics and various previews of the press.

Important to know is that Attribute dictates how high your Skills can be and how many Perks you can have in each Skill. Much of the finesse in character development is not confirmed but we know for a fact that Attribute controls Skills and Perks. For example, you can not have a higher value in Skills and Perks than the controlling Attribute. So you need to increase the Attribute you want to raise Skills in.

Experience points

IN Cyberpunk 2077 you get experience points for most of what you do and from what we have seen, there seem to be three types of experience points: Level xp, Skill xp and Street Cred. While Level xp is mainly obtained by completing missions and activities, you also get a small amount from killing enemies. Level xp of course goes to your general Level and we know that it is at a Level up that your character receives Attribute points to increase Attribute (range and amount are unclear, however).

You get Skill xp when you use Skills and Perks. You get this mainly by interacting with the world and killing enemies. If you use pistols, you get Handgun xp which slowly increases your skill in pistols. We believe that a Skill up will reward you with Perk points to buy or upgrade Perks with, but this is not confirmed at present. Just as we mentioned above, a Skill cannot exceed its Attribute.

Street Cred represents your reputation in Night City and provides access to more difficult missions and equipment. You get Cred both by killing enemies and completing missions and activities. Street Cred does not affect your character other than that it gives access to more of the game’s content – and in the long run better weapons and cyberware which in turn strengthens your character.

Sasquatch is the leader of The Animals and is a terribly strong woman in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.


Body represents a character’s physical strength and endurance. The Skills and Perks that lie under the Body reflect this and can give your character increased health, endurance and better recoil handling (bullet spread in English). If you are looking to create a character that mimics famous mercenaries in Cyberpunk, a so-called Solo, Body is the most important attribute for you. Skills under Body are Street Brawler, Athletics and Annihilation.

Street Brawler

Street Brawler is a Skill made up of melee-based Perks. The tree of Perks probably excludes swords and throwing knives belonging to other Skills. Street Brawler probably focuses on fights with fists and blunt handshakes such as baseball bats, iron pipes and the sledgehammer Sasquatch uses in the mission from the game presentation from 2019.

A special Perk is Guerrilla which gives players a 60% critical hit chance for 10 seconds after killing an enemy.


Athletics is the Skill that represents a character’s health and athletic ability. In this category we probably find Perks that increase health, endurance and passive qualities that increase the regeneration of these. A high value in Athletics makes it easier for you to force doors, grab and hold on to enemies such as human shields, pull people out of cars and other physical achievements.

A Perk that will be sought after is Hard Motherfucker which gives the player 20% more armor for 10 seconds after being attacked.


If you want to deal with heavy weapons to destroy opponents, Annihilation is the right Skill for you. Here we find Perks for shotguns and weapons so heavy that they overthrow ordinary people. Probably a high value in Annihilation is necessary to tear off the cannon towers and use them as hand-held weapons, as we also saw in last year’s presentation.

A coveted Perk in Annihilation is the one that gives the player 50% less recoil for 6 seconds after maiming an enemy – something shotguns are especially good at!

Shotguns have easy-to-mutilate enemies in Cyberpunk 2077, something you can take advantage of with Skills and Perks.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.


In contrast to Body, Reflexes is your character’s physical prowess and responsiveness. Reflexes can give your character increased critical hit chance and faster attack speed. This is the Attribute that rules over Skills for weapons and allows players to invest in Handguns, Rifles and Blades. No matter what type of character you create, it is always a good idea to invest in Reflexes as you will more than often end up in violent confrontations where weapons become necessary.


Includes the majority of hand-held firearms carried with one hand. Perks within this Skill will, among other things, improve your handling of pistols and revolvers, but exactly what it includes is unclear. However, a Perk gives you a significant boost to armor for 20 seconds after a critical hit with handguns. So even if guns sound damp in a world where high-tech weapons exist, guns are an attractive choice.


A Skill if includes a broad weapon category. Rifles are just like pistols very multifaceted and the Perks you find here probably reflect precision and automatic fire. One of the perks that many will want is Punisher which resets weapon sway and bloom in 10 seconds after killing an enemy with a rifle.


Perfect for those who want to run around with katana on the streets of Night City. Blades include Perks that are likely to strengthen and prolong bleeding effects from swords and other stabbing weapons, such as the Mantis Blades cyber modification.

If you plan to fight with swords or Mantis Blades, you probably want Dragon Strike, a Perk that allows hard attacks to equalize bleeding effects on enemies and do 15% more damage.

Skills and Perks can give you a sword advantage in Cyberpunk 2077.
Street Kid V with Thermal Katana, CD Project Red.


This is the Attribute you want to invest in if you are planning to create a hacker, in Cyberpunk known as netrunner. Intelligence dictates how much Memory you have (imagine digital mana) and how difficult notches you can handle. Skills and Perks associated with Intelligence are Device Hacking and Target Hacking, two forms of digital intrusion with completely different uses. But both are good for a pure netrunner.

Device Hacking

With Device Hacking you will be able to hack installed technology in your environment better. Locked doors, security cameras, local area networks and ATMs are under your command when you invest in Perks during this Skill.

A coveted Perk is Transmigration which increases the intrusion rate by 25% (breach time protocol in English). After you hack a system, you get access to so-called quick hacks on connected objects, these take a few seconds to penetrate, which this Perk probably speeds up.

Target Hacking

Target hacking, on the other hand, is a direct intrusion on enemies – perhaps even on separate objects as well. With these hacks you send different forms of software attacks on opponents that have different effects. These software are called Daemons and can overheat an enemy’s cybernetics, lock their weapons, or even activate their grenades. These types of hacks use Memory and Perks during this Skill probably facilitate with this.

Master Memory is one such Perk you find here and it increases your Memory recovery by 25%.

Nanowire is a whip-like weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 that you hide in your wrist.
Nanowire is a cybernetic implant for forearms.

Technical Ability

Technical is an Attribute that is difficult to describe, especially its Skills and Perks. Through different versions of Cyberpunk 2077 Technical has changed. In 2018, Technical functioned as Device Hacking and was called Engineering, but since both properties are equal to each other, CD Projekt Red decided to work on the systems. Today, Technical Ability instead has Skills for Crafting and Engineering and one deals with the design and modification of objects while the other is more about technical understanding.

A player who wants his character to be an inventor jockey or improviser who builds and improves objects may be worth investing in Technical Ability. For the same reason, even a player who wants to be able to handle and manipulate technical equipment may want to poke some points into Technical. It is said that Technical Ability increases your basic armor and gives you the opportunity to improve clothing armor values.


Quite obvious Skill with an indirect value. For the player who invests in Crafting, there is the opportunity to build and modify equipment. For example, it has a Perk that allows the player to upgrade item quality all the way up to Legendary. Another allows the player to sell their engineered items for 25% more.


An all-in-all Skill that looks to get many useful Perks. In addition to being able to plunder mechanical enemies on useful scrap, you who invest in Engineering will benefit from various grenade benefits, such as seeing a grenade’s explosion radius before throwing it, or taking 10% less damage from grenades.

Engineering should apparently have a Perk that increases the damage to all Tech weapons by 25%. All of a sudden, Technical Ability became interesting, right?

Flathead, an advanced spider robot in Cyberpunk 2077.
Once upon a time, it was thought that Engineering would be a Skill for the spider robot Flathead.


Last but not least, the Attribute is Cool. It is easy to misinterpret Cool, as it is possible to associate with the attitude cool. But the fact is that in Cyberpunk 2077 is about peace and ice in the stomach, mastery and the cold temper of an assassin. Cool is good for a character who has to move in the shadows and attack from behind. But even an aggressive style of play does well with a little Cool in the luggage as it also strengthens the Cold Blood condition that occurs when the character is critically injured.

The two Skills that remain can be found under Cool and are called Stealth and Cold Blood.


The best friend of all cyber ninjas. Stealth contains many Perks associated with stealth and evasions. Here you will find the opportunity to sneak faster, regain health while sneaking and knock out enemies from the air. If you want to create some kind of ninja, thief or assassin, you will want to score points in Stealth.

Toxicology is said to be a Perk that makes poisons last 5 seconds longer on enemies.

Cold Blood

Cold Blood is a feature CD Project Red has not talked about but that seems to be a condition that occurs when the character becomes critically damaged. Perks below this Skill are said to increase the positive properties that Cold Blood activates. Points in this Skill can be useful for all types of characters but are probably best suited for a kind of bearer who is constantly critically injured.

Merciless is a Perk that will give 10% increased critical hit chance and 2% critical hit damage when Cold Blood is activated – something that would also fit well with Street Brawler Perk Guerrilla which gives 60% critical hit chance.

V is hiding in an alley in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.

Skills and Perks shape your playing style

Although we do not have the characteristics of all about 240 Perks in Cyberpunk 2077 we currently know enough to start wondering about potential characters and playing styles. I already have a couple in my head I’m fantasizing about. There is still a risk that Perks will be changed or replaced before release, but we are too close to the release date for any major changes to take place.

In future articles, we can take a closer look at the playing styles I have come up with and how I would role-play them. Before that, for my own part, I first need to discuss everything we know about cyberware. However, feel free to share your own plans, I am very curious about what others will want to play!

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on November 19 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Playstation 4 and Xbox One get free upgrades to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively.