Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077

It’s been quiet for a long time now. The calm before the storm. It’s time to list everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077. The time has come to geek in on details and facts, speculations and hopes. Follow our comprehensive overview at CD Project Reds perhaps the most ambitious game ever – and our future escape from reality.

What is Cyberpunk 2077?

We start at level zero. Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player action role-playing game from the first-person perspective. It takes place in an open world that takes place in (and probably outside – more on that another day) mega-city Night City. It is a dangerous place possessed by power, glamor and body modifications. You take on the role of V, a lawless mercenary in search of a unique cyber implant that holds the key to eternal life. You will be able to customize V’s appearance, features, background and cybernetic implants and equip them with a wide variety of high-tech weapons and cyber technology. During the adventure, the choices you make will affect the story and the world you move into.


Everything we know about Cyberpunk’s features and game mechanics, described by CD Projekt Red itself. The Polish developer has really created an advanced role play with many overlapping systems and functions. We will go into detail about the systems we know about in future articles.

  • Use a wide variety of weapons and technological implants to become the best mercenary in town.
  • Fight against and defeat corporate forces, security police, gangs and other mercenaries to strengthen your reputation and gain access to more missions.
  • Spend your money on weapons and upgrades to become more efficient, or buy fast cars and motorcycles to get around, or why not dress in stylish clothes to boost your street cred.
  • Explore a city as fantastic as it is dangerous. From conflicting neighborhoods, sprawling commercial districts and high-tech corporate buildings.
  • Do jobs for shrewd fixers, desperate celebrities, overbearing business executives, and others trying to survive in the city.
  • Make decisions in crucial choices and see how the world is changing.
  • Push yourself to the limit to do the most dangerous job in town – steal a prototype implant that gives eternal life.
  • Meet and deal with powerful Night City people who want the implant for themselves.
A hacker in front of advanced computers in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 -Release and format

Cyberpunk 2077 is a multi-platform game and will be released on almost all of today’s consoles – and probably the next generation of consoles too! The game is confirmed to PC, Stadia, Playstation 4, Xbox One, as well Xbox Series X in the form of smart delivery system. This means that those who buy the game for Xbox One will be able to activate the game on Xbox Series X when the game becomes available on the new console. Since Cyberpunk 2077 coming to Series X, we can expect it to do so on Playstation 5, even if CD Projekt Red has not confirmed it.

The release date is September 17, 2020.

Probably the focus right now is on delivering stable and complete experiences on the current generation of consoles and not dribbling away with distributing labor to secure the next generation’s editions. In addition, the developer has said that they are working on a multiplayer game in the same universe as Cyberpunk 2077 which is also likely to have priority over more releases.

The Google Stadia release has no set date of release and will likely be available before the end of the year, when all other puzzle pieces fall into place.

Cyberpunk 2077 is released in a couple of editions where the collector edition stands out with its incredibly detailed collector figure. The game itself can be purchased digitally and physically and fans need not look at the usual edition packed with extras. Among other things, it includes postcards, stickers, map of Night City, reversible cover, a compendium of lore (!) And codes for digital soundtrack, artbook, wellpapers and the rulebook for the role-playing game. Cyberpunk 2020!

There is also an Xbox One X bundle with a hand control inspired by the character Johnny Silver hand. The control is also sold separately. In addition to this, you can get an external hard drive for Xbox from Seagate with Cyberpunk 2077theme and headset from SteelSeries.

Watch the game official website or your trusted dealer for details.

Night City Wire

On June 25, CD Project Red will hold a live stream for the game called Night City Wire. The broadcast is probably packed with new information and lovely gameplay. For that reason, much of what we deal with here, such as release date and features, may change.

We therefore suggest that you try to see the shipment in full – or browse our articles afterwards! At present, we have no time for when Night City Wire will happen, but since it is a global event, we can expect it to ring in as many suitable time zones as possible. Which means it will probably be evening time for us here in Sweden.

Varvat will notify you when the transmission time becomes official.

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 – Character creation and development

IN Cyberpunk 2077 you will be able to play as male or female, but the age rating from ESRB reveals that we can also choose genitalia for the character and even adjust the size of the genitals. In addition, players can choose from several predetermined looks for face, hair, scars and tattoos along with colors for them. The face is probably adjustable with noses, mouths and so on.

All of the character creators we have seen so far are from older game versions that are in the works. Furthermore, the character creator and the user interface have changed over the years and may well have changed a third time. For this reason, what we show in pictures during work.


Unlike the table role-playing game, it seems that players will not choose completed professions, but tailor their character’s skills. On the other hand, we have to choose a background for our character that controls interactions and response from other characters and which opens up unique dialogue choices. These are Street Kid, Nomad and Corporate.

Street Kid: It says you have to grow up in the street to understand it. Gangs, fixers and extortionists have all brought you up. Down here it is the law of the jungle that dictates.

Nomad: It was not easy to grow up in the wasteland and find scrap and fuel to survive. But growing up in a clan taught you honesty, integrity and the value of freedom, qualities few in Night City have and that no amount of money can buy.

Corporate: Few leave the business world with life intact, even fewer with their soul intact. You have been there, and bent on rules, exploited secrets and war with information. There is nothing called justice here, only winners and losers.

Attributes and Perks

Since Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game, it has a deep system of attributes (perks) with which you can tailor your character. From the material we have seen, it seems that the perk depends on the attributes they are linked to and that a skill can never exceed the attribute it is under.

Attributes and perks are likely to control which weapons and cyber technologies are available to you and some may even increase them or provide access to new ones. All of this is speculation based on previously published material, other role-playing games and general game design. Nothing is currently confirmed by CD Projekt Red.

The following is a summary of the character’s attributes and the associated perks. The available perks are a pick of those in the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020 and may also change before the release. Based on material that CD Projekt Red has shown during press shows and trailers, we can safely call in the majority of the functions.

  • Body: controls the skills of Two-Handed (huge firearms), Shotguns, Melee attacks (fists but maybe some melee weapons), and Athletics. A high body value also allows you to do cool maneuvers like using an enemy as a human shield or breaking open doors.
  • Intelligence: currently has only one skill, Hacking. This is the most important attribute of a Netrunner and is necessary for hacking and attacking via internet connections, which, for example, attack an enemy’s brain with a malware.
  • reflexes: controls the perches Blades, Rifles and Handguns. This is probably an important attribute for most types of characters as it offers many types of weapons.
  • cool: has Percussion Assassination, Nerve and Sniper Rifles. While Assassination and Sniper Rifles have obvious features, Nerve is a little harder to grasp. The developer has previously said that Cool stands for a character’s calm more than attitude, so maybe Nerve has something with the ability to aim sharply, or maybe open up to unique dialogue choices.
  • Technical: only provides Engineering that controls how well you upgrade implants. This may simply control what level of implant you can install in your body. The implants have many different functions, such as translating foreign languages ​​in real time or having knife blades in the wrists. So even if the attribute and perk itself are boring, they may be open to great opportunities to broaden the character’s tools.
An overview of the properties and attributes of Cyberpunk 2077.
Attributes and Perks from the Cyberpunk 2077 presentation 2019. CD Project Red.


In addition to weapons and cybernetic implants, we can also equip the character with clothing and accessories. We have previously seen icons for jackets, sweaters, pants, shoes and two or more accessories. During a press release, we also saw an icon for Pockets, which may mean that you have access to a number of items placed in the “pockets”. What this could be is unclear, but it may be the drugs and drugs we know can be used during battle. In a presentation, the character also bought soft drinks, which could also be a consumer item that ends up in Pockets.

Equipment comes in classic role-playing rarities from Uncommon, Rare and Exceptional. However, we have not seen the values ​​or properties of the objects. Given that character values ​​such as Health and various resistances are on the equipment side, it may be that clothing and accessories assist with different types of protection.

An overview of equipment in Cyberpunk 2077.
Equipment from the Cyberpunk 2077 presentation 2019. CD Projekt Red.

All we know about Cyberpunk 2077 – Story and structure

The world in Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020 written off Mike Pondsmith. It is an incredibly rich world with intricate social and economic structures and rules that are too big to treat here. In future articles we will take a closer look at this exciting cyberpunk universe. Today we scratch a little on the surface to give an overall understanding of what the game will be about.

Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a dystopian future where most of the world collapses. In the chaos caused by the US government, mega companies rose from the ashes and took control through exploitation. The game takes place almost 80 years after the world collapsed in the mega city Night City, named after founder Richard Night. The big time jump from the second edition of the role-playing game (Cyberpunk 2020) gives CD Project Red room to create their own background story during the 50 years that have passed.

Night City is a really big city, with several districts that have their own conflicts and holders of power. The city consists of five districts (Westbrook, Haywood, Watson, Pacifica and City Center) and an industrial area that supplies the city with electricity. Your character, the mercenary V, lives in Watson in a mega-building, large skyscrapers that are largely self-sufficient collectively.

The key to eternal life

In the description to Cyberpunk 2077 we find out that the story revolves around a cyber implant that can give eternal life. More than that, we don’t really know, but it is easy to figure out that handling such implants attracts powerful people. And conflict. From the material we have seen, it seems that V gets hold of the chip relatively early in the game and that it causes the manifestation of a digital ghost by Johnny Silverhand (played by Keanu Reeves).

Johnny Silverhand’s ghost will come with us during the adventure and give us advice and guidance. Or scold us when we deserve it. V will be able to create a relationship with Johnny who according to CD Projekt Red has the second most dialogue in the entire game after the main character. The adventure will surely culminate in one of several possible endings, based on the choices we made along the way.

Exactly the connection to Johnny Silverhand, a prominent character in the table role-playing game and Cyberpunk’s universe, is exciting. Alleged fans can already speculate on what technology the implant is based on when Johnny Silverhand’s girlfriend Alt Cunningham developed a way to digitize the mind – and kill the person in the process. The company Arasaka wanted it to be a weapon against netrunners, but perhaps the technology was further developed to create the conditions for eternal life.

It will be up to players to discover the truth about the implant and Johnny when the game is released on September 17.

Inside cyberspace in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.

mission structure

Given that Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game in a kind of open world, we can expect the usual routines of seeking out characters that offer quests that take us around the world of play to shoot, retrieve or interact with other characters.

From what we have seen in press screenings and trailers, it seems that missions have a variety and mix of goals that are woven together with dialogue, action and movement. In one sequence, the mission leads to a car chase with fire and in another a dialogue choice leads to a meeting with gang members to battle. The execution and structure seem to give the player room to influence the outcome of the mission – which takes us to the most important point of the mission structure in Cyberpunk 2077: you have the opportunity to complete the assignments in several ways.

In a deep dive into the game’s mechanics last year, CD Projekt Red presents an assignment from two player perspectives. A physically aggressive and a tactical and technical one. In the sequence, we see how missions are created to give the player choices and how the structure makes different playing styles practically possible. CD Projekt Red has gone so far as to claim that the entire game can be completed without killing anyone.

While it sounds like a small thing to allow for choices in a 2020 game, it is actually a hugely positive element. The majority of adventure and role-playing games offer occasional choices, but not on long roads as wide a range as has been shown in Cyberpunk 2077. There the player (according to published material) has access to so many choices during a single mission. Both purely mechanical, such as hacking a door or breaking it with their hands, to story-bound critical choices in dialogues. In addition, the game has a tactical level where the player’s character adds choices as well and depending on the layout of the course, the player has several attack paths.

CD Projekt Red says that they have worked hard for all assignments Cyberpunk 2077 should have the same quality, which makes me rejoice. Will a new standard in role-play be established this fall?

More will come

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 continues with retail items up to the game’s release on September 17, 2020.