Exodus short film unveils, starring Michael K Williams (The Wire)

Battlefield 2042 is still expected to officially show us long and crisp gameplay sequences. Before this moment that the most proud campers of the editorial staff hope for very soon, it is the story of the next FPS of DICE which is approached with a new video.

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A little background didn’t hurt. While Battlefield 2042 will focus on a multi-player experience and lack a single-player campaign, it will still have a “lore” that the developers have worked hard for. The world of tomorrow, which does not make you dream, with Category 6 storms, resource shortages, fractured states and refugees are regrouped under the banner of the Homeless, while the United States and Russia always on the face. With Exodus, we discover “the triggering events of a total”. With an old acquaintance.

Omar is coming

Because there is an announcement to remove from this video: the return of a protagonist from Battlefield 4. Players will find Kimble “Irish” Graves as a playable Homeless Specialist – joining Wikus “Casper” Van Daele, Webster Mackay, Maria Falck and Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky. Always embodied by Michael k williams, that fans of The Wire or from Boardwalk Empire know well, he has become a ship captain and must here, make a choice … which does not seem to please a mysterious character named Oz.

With gripping multiplayer spanning three distinct experiences, the storyline of Battlefield 2042 will be told in a whole new way for the franchise. Players will discover a captivating world through the eyes of Specialists and their experiences on the battlefield. This immersive and modern approach to storytelling lives up to what gamers expect from their favorite games. These Specialists’ stories are intended to immerse them in the world of Battlefield 2042, whether or not they have their controller in hand. Whether the player is interested in the narrative dimension or just wants a context to enjoy the multiplayer experience, the richness of the game universe aims to promote immersion.

Battlefield 2042 is coming October 22 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, and Xbox One. EA Play subscribers will be able to try it at 10 a.m. starting October 15 and enjoy early access to the open beta scheduled for September, like those who pre-ordered.