Explosive Ice – 3 Stasis grenades in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie has now unveiled all three Stasis classes players can take advantage of Destiny 2: Beyond Light November 10. In the latest update with Hunter Revenant they also revealed the three stasis grenades players gain access to with these classes. Previously, Titan, Hunter and Warlock have shared some of the grenades, but with Stasis grenades it will be the first time that all three grenade options are common.

Stasis grenades

The three Stasis grenades associated with the new Stasis classes carry with them the inherent properties of power, and introduce an essentially different property that can be very useful in collaborations at higher levels of difficulty. Worth keeping in mind is that these grenades, just like other Stasis properties, can be modified with Aspects and Fragments, new items you equip yourself with to adjust your powers. You can read more about it here.

Glacier Grenade

This is the grenade that made fans drop their chin when Beyond Light was first announced. When you throw this on a surface, it creates structures of ice that you can use as platforms and protection. Ingenious players will surely find more uses for the grenade. For example, to create access to new shooting angles by getting to hard-to-reach places, or blocking shotgun monkeys in PvP.

In addition to its Elsa properties, the grenade also freezes enemies in ice if they happen to be in the vicinity of the explosion. When the ice crystals become shattered, they create an AoE explosion that damages adjacent opponents. Whether the grenade is harming yourself or allies is unclear.

If you want to jog with your friends, you can throw the grenade in front of their feet when they shoot their rocket launcher.

Stasis grenades - Glacier Grenade in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Coldsnap Grenade

The grenade that stops enemies in the step by freezing them to ice immediately. When the grenade hits a surface or enemy, it seeks out its nearest opponent and freezes them, then freezes down two more adjacent enemies. According to Bungie, the grenade will freeze a maximum of three opponents, but in the material they show, four enemies are affected by the effect. The material is probably older and does not correspond to the final effect of the grenade, or Warlock Shadebinder uses an Aspect or Fragment in the clip that increases the grenade’s effect.

Stasis grenades - Coldsnap Grenade in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Duskfield Grenade

While all Stasis grenades have Crowd Control effects that are very useful for controlling the battlefield, I personally like the Duskfield grenade the best. Bungie describes it as a force field that draws in enemies and slows down those who are caught in it – and if they do not take you out in time, they freeze to ice.

What I think makes the grenade so interesting is that it draws in opponents, which opens up for interesting follow-ups. Maybe your friend has a Super on, or maybe you just loaded your rocket launcher.

Hunter Revenant

Hunter Revenant, the Stasis class for all rushing Destiny hunters, describes Bungie as a ninja. Not only does it come equipped with cosmic ice throwing stars, they also have double Kamas (Japanese inserts that are also weapons). The focus of Hunter Revenants Super is to create snowstorms over a large area in which enemies become slow and take damage. Those who remain in the storm are eventually frozen.

The throwing star has a similar function and first slows down the opponent while a follow-up attack with Stasis freezes them. The throwing stars (they come in pairs) also bounce on hard surfaces such as walls and between enemies.

Titan Behemoth

The stasis properties of the Titans are to smash everything in their environment. Nothing new here. If you are a Titan main, you can read more here.