Extreme turnaround when NiP picked up additional points – CS: GO

Ten days have passed since this year’s edition ESL Pro League started. The tournament is currently in the group stage, which is divided into four groups with six teams in each. Group A has already been completed, where Heroic took home first place without a single loss. The top three teams in each group advance to the playoffs.

In yesterday’s match, Ninjas put on Pajamas against Mousesports, which resulted in tonight’s thriller. After the Swedes lost their map choice, Inferno, it first looked dark. Then, however, NiP managed to win the opponents’ map choice, Dust 2.

But it would take a lot to finally pick up the points. After a tough start on the third and decisive map – Mirage – NiP was down 13-5. But a sensational turn meant that the Swedes could pick 8 straight rounds and then decide the match with 16-14. Player Hampus ” Hampus ” Poser completed the third map with an impressive 32 eliminations.

Ninjas in Pajamas plays in Group B, which will be decided tonight. At the moment, it is a three-way first place between G2, Ence and NiP, all of which have three wins and one loss. Tonight, the Swedes face the French team Vitality, which has a chance to climb up to a playoff position – and if the statistics are bad, the Swedish team can lose their third place in the event of a loss.

All matches tonight start at 19:00 and NiP’s match can be followed ESL’s Twitch channel