Facebook allows the fossil fuel industry to spread disinformation about the climate

The report states that Facebook failed to apply its own rules to prevent disinformation from the petroleum industry during last year’s US presidential election, the newspaper writes. The Guardian.

The report identified increased advertising on social media from, among others, ExxonMobil and other companies that extract fossil fuels, all with the aim of shaping the political debate on how to prevent global warming.

InfluenceMap writes that their research shows that the fossil fuel industry has gone from directly denying the climate crisis to using social media to market oil and gas as part of the solution to the crisis. More bribery is that the report revealed that Facebook has facilitated the spread of false claims about global warming, by not consistently applying its own policy to stop false advertising.

“Despite Facebook’s public support for climate action, they continue to lease their platform to spread fossil fuel propaganda,” writes InfluenceMap.

The report showed that 25 organizations in the oil and gas industry spent $ 9.5 million on over 25,000 ads on Facebook last year, which were viewed more than 431 million times.

InfluenceMap writes that they found 6,782 ads on Facebook that claimed that natural gas is a green or low-carbon fuel, even though research says the opposite.