Facebook bans disinformation about vaccines

Facebook will now start banning misinformation about vaccines, reports Engadget. Previously, the site only made such content less visible.

The social media giant will be assisted by the WHO to increase the amount of incorrect articles removed from the platform. For example, false claims that covid-19 would be created by humans and that it is safer to get sick than to get vaccinated. Facebook will also remove erroneous claims such as that vaccines are toxic or can cause autism.

Initially, Facebook will focus its work on various Facebook pages, groups and accounts that do not follow the rules of the site. Anyone who repeatedly violates them will be banned. Moderators for groups that have previously violated Facebook’s covid-19 policy and vaccine misinformation will also need to approve each post on their site. Fact checkers from third parties will also be able to flag content that does not violate Facebook’s policy but nevertheless contains incorrect or misleading statements.

At the same time, Facebook promises to take further steps to ensure that users are reached by truthful information. Among other things, by helping them find where they can get vaccinated.

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