Facebook defends its AI – should have reduced hateful content by 50 percent

Facebook’s vice president of privacy, Guy Rosen, writes in a new blog posts that the prevalence of hate content on the platform has decreased by 50 percent in the last three years.

The Verge reports that the post appears to be in response to an article that The Wall Street Journal published there, several Facebook employees, who are responsible for removing hateful content on the platform, say that they believe the company has given a deliberately incorrect picture regarding how much progress their AI has made. The article also refers to several internal documents that The Wall Street Journal reviewed.

In the post, Guy Rosen writes that the “narrative” regarding Facebook’s technology failing to combat hateful content is incorrect, as well as that the company would have given a misleading picture regarding the progress.

“We do not want to see hatred on our platform, nor do our users or advertisers and we are transparent about our work to remove it,” writes Guy Rosen and continues.

“What these documents demonstrate is that our integrity work is a long journey. Although we will never be perfect, our work teams work continuously to develop our systems, identify problems and build solutions.”

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