Facebook has doubled the amount of removals related to harassment

On Thursday, Facebook released its latest transparency report which, among other things, shows that the social media giant has doubled the amount of deleted content related to harassment and bullying. The number of removals will peak at 6.3 million during the last quarter of 2020, which can be compared with 2.8 million removals during the same period in 2019.

According to Facebook, the increase is due to the company improving its automatic systems that analyze comments on Facebook and Instagram, not least for non-English-language content in, for example, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. An expanded human staff that analyzes and evaluates content has also helped.

The latest transparency report covers October to December 2020, which also includes a historically conflict-ridden US presidential election. During the period, Facebook will remove even more harassment, organized hate campaigns, incitement against ethnic groups, suicide and self-harm content. At the same time, Instagram also saw an increased removal of content related to bullying and self-harm.

In the report, Facebook indicates that in the future they will invest more in automating the evaluation of video and audio content on their platforms.

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