Facebook is investing in streamed mobile games

Now Facebook is entering the gaming streaming market, but unlike Microsoft’s Xcloud and Google’s Stadia, the social media giant is instead investing entirely in streaming mobile games, reports Techcrunch.

The idea is that the service will make it possible for users to get into a game faster and that you, for example, can go seamlessly from seeing an advertisement for a game to actually playing it directly without anything having to be downloaded.

The service will be available via desktop browser and Android but not iOS. This is due to what Facebook calls restrictions in Apple’s rules for the App Store.

Google and Microsoft’s game streaming services have not previously been approved for use in the App Store. Apple has since updated its rules and allows similar services to be used if users are first sent to the App Store before they can stream a game on the platform. Something that Facebook themselves say will not work for their intended service because it means a bad user experience.

Facebook’s game streaming service will have between five and ten games at the premiere. Initially, the service will be available in a handful of US states and then expanded.

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