Facebook shows off its smart glasses – Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook has now unveiled its first smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories. The product is a collaboration between the social media company and the eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, which owns Ray-Ban.

The smart glasses will allow the wearer to take photos and video from a first-person mode and can also be used for audio media and audio calls. An LED lights up to signal when a photo or video is being taken. The battery should be sufficient for one day of use or three hours of audio streaming. The included spectacle case adds an additional three days of charging. The smart glasses are controlled either via Facebook’s voice assistant or by taking or dragging along the right side.

Ray-Ban Stories comes in three different known Ray-Ban models, Wayfarers, Round and Meteor, as well as five different colors. The design is largely identical to the originals, as if on the dual cameras at the far end of the frames. In Wayfarer’s case, the smart glasses model weighs only five grams more than the original.

According to Facebook, the smart glasses will only collect the basic information needed for them to work, such as battery level, Facebook login information and wifi information.

Ray-Ban Stories is initially available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. When they come to Sweden is currently unknown.

Price starts at 299 dollars, corresponding to approximately 2570 kronor excluding VAT.