Facebook: We can stop news sharing in Australia

Australian Parliament holds currently evaluating a new bill, the News Media Bargaining Code.

The law would make the registerarde media organizations in the country a priority and have more access to sites like Facebook and Google’s system with user data and statistics as well as a higher compensation for the content they publish on these sites.

Facebook has now come up with one public response where they criticize the bill to misunderstand the dynamics of the Internet and writes that it will harm the news organizations that Australia is trying to protect.
Under this serves the news media more on social media than social media serves on the news media.

They also say that it is unreasonable that Facebook should pay news organizations for content publishers voluntarily publish on the site, and “at prices that ignores the value this brings to nyhesorganisationerna.”

Facebook writes that if the bill goes through, the site will stop letting publishers and the people of Australia to share local and international news on Facebook and Instagram.

It is unclear how this will determine what will count as “news” in this case.

If that happens, Facebook’s other products and services in Australia that still work like before.

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