Facebook withheld transparency report – M3

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be more transparent and open. As part of that, the company recently published a report on which videos and posts were shown most on Facebook during the second quarter of the year.

But New York Times reports that this was not the first similar report Facebook has compiled. The company made a similar report for the first quarter of the year, but chose not to publish after internal debates about how it would be received. Only now after the newspaper’s report has the company published it.

The report showed that the most read link shared on Facebook during the period was a vaccine resistance article that incorrectly tried to create a link between covid vaccine and a doctor’s death in Florida. The report also revealed that The Epoch Times, a company that spreads conspiracy theories about Qanon and China, was the 19th most divided media organization.

When the New York Times compared the two reports, it is clear that for the second quarter it has much less news and politics on the charts. Facebook says that the first report showed changes that should be made. What changes have actually been made is not mentioned, but it is clear that the company has changed the algorithms to highlight less controversial content.