FaceID may be delayed for Mac

FaceID is something that has been with us for a few years on the iPhone, but for Mac it looks darker and it looks like it may take a few more years.

That FaceID is still not available on Mac surprises me, a feature that has been on the iPhone since the iPhone X was released in 2017.

Now Mark Gurman has from Bloomberg talked a bit about FaceID on Mac and says that he should come across information that Apple is considering actually equipping future Macs with FaceID but that this is still a few years away.

Mainly because Apple thinks that TouchID, which recently came to Mac, is so secure and fast that you are not in a hurry with FaceID.

According to Gurman, Apple even had plans to equip the new iMac 24 inch that was recently released with FaceID, but something they chose to move forward instead. When it comes to Macbooks, it is a little harder to equip them with the necessary cameras and sensors, so it will probably take a while longer.