Fake URLs continue to cause harm online

The cyber security company Palo Alto Networks now warns that misspelled and false URLs continue to cause damage online.

Cybercriminals’ tactics are to register fake or slightly misspelled URLs that are reminiscent of those used by large, well-visited sites on the Internet in the hopes of tricking visitors and then exposing them to fraud and attacks. Among the most vulnerable domains are large companies such as Netflix, Microsoft and Apple.

Palo Alto Networks says they are now finding up to 450 new misspelled or occupied domains every day. Although not all of them have harmful content.

Of the 13,857 cases identified by Palo Alto in December 2019, 2,595, or 19 percent, were classified as serious and used for advanced phishing or spreading malware. 5,104, or 37 percent, of the domains were also considered to pose some form of risk to unprotected visitors.

The recommendation from the cybersecurity company is that users should be vigilant and always verify that they have spelled correctly in their browser and that the pages they visit have a trusted sender. Although the address may seem spelled correctly, it is also important to see that the domain name is correct and does not use, for example, .info or .co instead of .com.

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