Family Trainer will debut on the Nintendo Switch this fall

Bandai Namcos ancient game series Family Trainer coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 3rd. Family Trainer is just as advanced as the name suggests: You and any fellow players participate in various mini-games that aim to keep the body going. This title will utilize the bone band that came along with Ring Fit Adventure to include the whole body in the exercises. Two physical editions have been confirmed, one of which will contain such a bone band. The game will also have a multiplayer mode that requires two sets of JoyCon controls.

Yes, you read that right: Family Trainer is one ancient game series. Maybe you’ve heard of the slightly legendary Family Fun Fitness to the NES, which came with a rug? It was the Bandai of that time who was responsible for the small experiment. In other words, it is Namco Bandai we have to (at least in part) thank for all the dance games the 21st century offered. For younger players learn Family Trainer however, be best known for its many titles on the Nintendo Wii.

I myself have not tried a single game in the series, but it gives a wonderful whole impression (and a catchy signature tune). Maybe something for those of us who have already played Go Vacation, Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing?