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Fans already have demands following ‘Tekken 8’ reveal

Fans already have demands following ‘Tekken 8’ reveal Already Have Demands Following Tekken 8 Reveal

Sony’s State of Play livestream kicked off with a bang, in the form of an official Tekken 8 reveal. Viewers were treated to an extremely crisp trailer featuring Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama looking better than they ever have, and beating down on each other in the middle of a very moody rainstorm.

Needless to say, Tekken fans the world over are generally stoked with the reveal. Reddit is abuzz with reactions, commentary, and of course – expectations for the game. Some are pretty straightforward!

Others were more concise and constructive with their wishlists, with hopes of a better story and lore, as well as improved battle stages with better visibility. A couple of fans also wanted less emphasis on juggling, though if it made it into the reveal trailer, I wouldn’t hold my breath.