Far Cry 6: Vaas DLC Will Go Crazy Next Week

If Far Cry was able to bounce back after a second criticized episode, it is thanks to him. Vaas Montenegro, who left his mark on the series, will be you, very soon, in Far Cry 6.

The information had leaked before the Ubisoft Forward this summer and quickly confirmed. The Far Cry 6 Season Pass gives access to three DLCs letting us play as Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed, the charismatic antagonists of Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, respectively camped by Michael mando, Troy baker and Greg Bryk. The first has just found its release date. Vaas: Folie will be available on November 16 at midnight.

And it is Michael Mando, interpreter of this unforgettable antagonist who had the first announcement on social networks. Not without a touch of enthusiasm.

Remember the Vaas de Soissons

After last week’s update, here’s some additional content that will give a good reason to relaunch Ubisoft’s open world FPS. Without e-mail reminder. Vaas Montenegro was a big contributor to Far Cry’s resurgence in popularity. And we can indeed thank the Canadian actor seen in Orphan Black and Better call saul. Through his performances in English and French, he has elevated his avatar to the rank of iconic video game villain. It also appears very well in the ranking that we established in 2015.

Let’s take this opportunity to return to the past, in 2012, when Michael Mando gave RaHaN a casual interview to talk about this character to whom he finally brought everything:

A pitch while waiting

Hopefully his return will charm the fans. Let’s finish with the basics of the DLC, now known:

Become the villain and immerse yourself in the spirit of Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3) to fight your inner demons in this all new, unique DLC episode. In this die-and-retry adventure, uncover the iconic antagonist’s past as you explore unique locations in a demented version of Rook Island, looking for keys that will allow you to escape your mind.

At the risk of repeating ourselves: see you on Tuesday, November 16, then.