features that delight your experience!

With CANAL +, you have access to the best of cinema, sports, series, on all your screens, all the time. The icing on the cake is that myCANAL, the CANAL + platform also offers unique features for ever more immersion and ease of use. Difficult to do without when you have tasted it.

The myCANAL Expert Mode: an immersive Sport experience!

All sport is on myCANAL, the CANAL + platform

MyCANAL Expert Mode: what is it?

Available for the Champions League, formula 1, Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Premier League, Top 14 and Moto GP ™, golf, Expert Mode offers a unique immersive sports experience during your program: video highlights, driver rankings, player stats, additional cameras, all the information you need to be immersed in the event!

Expert mode F1 myCANAL

F1 Expert Mode: a unique experience for all live sessions

F1 is on CANAL +, to be experienced live or in replay with myCANAL, and this season has offered us a historic ending! It was necessary to wait the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to see Max Verstappen overtake the seven-time defending champion Lewis Hamilton, and thus become world champion for the first time! A completely crazy end of the race and a little more with the F1 Expert Mode.

During this incredible Grand Prix live, we could enjoy a circuit map to locate all the pilots in real time, and on-board cameras to get the point of view of different pilots, among other data on the race. Controller in hand, because myCANAL is available on your PlayStation and Xbox consoles, it feels like a video game! A real added value for sports lovers which adds to the Multi-Live, a feature that allows you to split your screen up to four live programs so you don’t lose anything from each competition.

Personalization and ease of use of your myCANAL interface

Create your tailor-made profile

With its richness and great diversity of programs, myCANAL offers a tailor-made offer for the whole family. So it is possible to create a profile for each, including an Secure Kids filter, with age filter for your children.

Build playlists

The custom playlist allows save all programs that make you want to watch them later. Personalized recommendations allow you to discover new series, new films, according to your tastes.

What about voice control?

A myCANAL interface that responds with the finger and the eye of your desires, but also to the voice: you can directly dictate a voice search. Convenient when you have the chips in hand!

Your CANAL + programs on all your screens, all the time

Dexter: New Blood, exclusively on myCANAL
Michael C. Hall is back as Dexter!

Of course, in addition to the 4K / UHD quality and HDR on your compatible devices, as well as the Dolby 5.1 sound, you can resume your programs in cross device, from any screen to another. Perfect for devouring Dexter’s new series, Dexter: New Blood, exclusively on CANAL +. Want to skip the credits? Just use the dedicated function. On the contrary, you want to take your time for this mini-series in ten episodes? Automatically chain episodes only if you want to.

You can also download the whole new season 5 of Gomorra to discover it offline and of course broadcast it to your TV from your smartphone, tablet or computer, thanks to the broadcast function Chromecast and AirPlay.

MyCANAL features that always offer more fluidity and simplicity to your film and series viewing, and a unique and immersive experience