Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny 2 next week

Destiny’s own grandmother Eva Levante is back and she brings cobwebs and pumpkins. It’s time for Festival of the Lost again and with that, players get the opportunity to haunt themselves and get a new loot.

Festival of the Lost runs from daily reset on October 6 to reset on November 3.

All Destiny players over 760 Power will be able to participate in the Festival of the Lost. To start, just talk to Eva Levante in the courtyard of the Tower, buy a Masquerader help that you can then decorate with masks. With the mask on, you can participate in her various bounties for sweets and chocolate money. You can exchange these for different masks and an exotic ship, ghost and sparrow.

The majority of her bounties you perform in Haunted Forest, the spooky variant of Infinite Forest, where you have to fight against the clock to kill as many bosses as possible and get better rewards. This year, you can also open more chests if you collect Cipher Decoders out in other activities such as Strikes, Gambit or Crucible. These decoders then allow you to open locked chests that can contain BayTech Werewolf and Horror Story with new combinations of perks.

You can read about the Festival of the Lost on Bungie’s official website.


As it should be in all these festivities, Eververse will have a bunch of items for sale. Most striking is the three new armor ornaments unique to this year’s Festival of the Lost. In the shop you will5 also find Ghost shell, emotes and a finisher.

The objects for the festival will probably rotate in and out of the Bright Dust department, so if you save your resources, you might be able to afford some pieces of armor. However, the finisher will only be sold for Silver.