FIFA 22 offers, if possible, even more realism

A sure sign of autumn is the annual release of the FIFA Games from EA Sports. This year, the game has changed fundamentally. All to provide an even more realistic gaming experience. The single biggest news is without a doubt the so-called HyperMotion technology, a completely new way to emulate the game of football. For the first time, EA Sports has analyzed entire teams and matches at the same time, a total of 22 players at a time. The result is that all players in the team move as a whole unit, just as you are used to in today’s football. It will be a smarter game where all players communicate and move just like real football players do. Examples of this can be seen in the video contained in the post. Here, the developers talk about HyperMotion technology and the impact it has FIFA 22.

The new technology is possible with the entry of the new generation of consoles into the market. It also means that HyperMotion will not be available for those who play on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and strangely enough also on PC.

New is also a completely new animation work with 4000 new movements that will give players even more personality and a wider dribbling gallery. IN FIFA 22 for example, AI players show more clearly where they want the passes and the goalkeepers have been gifted with a lot of new saves. FIFA 22 released on October 1st.