Fights in Tight Spaces has an early access launch

Just over a year ago, we were introduced to Fights in Tight Spaces, a mixture of Superhot (aesthetics), Slay the Spire (playing card layout) and John Wick Hex (the turn-based battles). And now the game, just as promised, has been launched in early access via Steam (and Epic Games Store, and GOG).

Fights in Tight Spaces is at the time of writing on a “very positive” overall rating on Steam, where the game can be purchased for 18 euros and 89 cents until March 3 (next week’s Wednesday) when the regular price tag 21 euros enters into force. The developers Ground Shatter say that the early access period “probably” will be less than a year, and at the moment there are no plans to raise the price tag once the game is “ready”.

Right now exists Fights in Tight Spaces of “a complete game with five levels, which can easily offer over 40 hours of play”. During the early access period, the variety will be expanded with more enemies, minibosses and bosses, along with another character class and lots of new playing cards and balance adjustments.

Here is the early access trailer for Fights in Tight Spaces.