Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker gets release date, trailer and lots of news!

In the middle of the darkest night between Friday and Saturday kicked Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 running. It started with thunder and crashes with an extra long trailer for the upcoming expansion Endwalker. In the trailer, we get to see dear friends, scary enemies and the occasional new face. We will also see some of the new places we will be able to visit in Endwalker. It undeniably looks to be an epic tale!

During the festival’s opening ceremony came Final Fantasy XIV:s producer and director Naoki Yoshida into full cosplay and introduced one of the new jobs we will be able to play in Endwalker. The new job is Reaper, a melee class that fights with the help of a scythe and a ghost buddy. We also got a small gameplay trailer that shows us a little more of this deadly profession. Is it just me who gets Bloodbornevibes?

Final Fantasy XIV goes Bloodborne?

Something else that was revealed was a new playable breed! It has previously been said that no new breed will be added to the game, but thanks to the fans’ appeal and hard work, it will be possible to play as male Vieras in Endwalker! Viera is a human-like breed with rabbit ears and sharp claws and previously it was only possible to play as a female Viera. Yoshida also told that they will release a female playable version of the cat breed Hrothgar sometime in the future too!

Bunny boys unite!

Finally, we also got a release date for the expansion. The 23rd of November is released Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker to PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5. The game will have an early access from November 19th for those who pre-book the game. Those who pre-book the game will also be able to receive bonuses in the form of an exp-boosting earring and a unique minion. Now we are getting ready for the end and a new beginning!