Final Fantasy XIV gets patch 5.5 next week!

Things are starting to happen around Final Fantasy XIV. This autumn, the next major expansion will be released, Endwalker, and now the escalation begins before the grand finale of the game’s ongoing story. On Tuesday the 13th of April, patch 5.5 (which has been given the fateful name “Death Unto Dawn”) will be released and players all over the world will be able to enjoy lots of exciting news! Of course, a shiny new trailer has been released to show some of what we have to expect.

We get to see glimpses of the game’s main story and it seems like we can expect a lot of drama. Fordola, which we have not seen in the story since the end of Stormblood, is back and even the lone dragoon Estinien is back. What roles will they play? And will we find out what Fandaniel is planning in the shadows?

In addition to the game’s main story, we will also get a completely new trial! This time it will be a whole new battle against Diamond Weapon! 8 players can tackle the new trail together and of course even the most skilled players can embark on a more difficult version of the battle!

In patch 5.5 also comes the final part of the Nier-related raids. You who played Nier might even recognize some of the new bosses? What can this mean…?

This patch also releases a playable beta for Playstation 5! Now all of you who have managed to get your hands on a PS5 can experience Eorzea in 4k resolution with faster charging times! This is just a handful of all the yummy news we will be sharing next week! See you on patch day on April 13th!