Final Fantasy XIV turns 7 years old!

Final Fantasy XIV has almost turned seven years old and it is celebrated with thunder and crashes with a Screenshot competition!

From today, Monday the 17th of August, until the 24th of August, players in selected areas (Nordic included) will have the opportunity to visit Final Fantasy XIV Onlines birthday homepage where they can send in photos they have taken during their trip in Eorzea and tell the story behind the photo. Maybe you took a cruel picture when you and your friends defeated a mighty boss or maybe you have a nice picture you took when you discovered a whole new magical place? The first 1000 people from each region who meet the criteria will receive a special frame around their images and will have a high-quality version of the image sent home.

In addition, the team behind the game will select their top ten images from each region and post them in a special online gallery.

It happens very exciting in Final Fantasy XIV right now! The latest big patch was released last week and ends the story of the latest expansion. In addition, a summer event runs until the 26th of August where you can get an emote and earn a summer outfit! For those who are eager to try the game, there is one free trial which has now been expanded up to level 60 and includes the first expansion heavenward! Take the opportunity to experience a fantastic role-playing adventure!