Finally positive news – E-sports received a visa waiver

It has been a turbulent period for the potential e-sports events that Sweden would have to hold this year. When the organizers of the Dota 2 championships, the International, realized that they were not guaranteed visas and access permits for all participants into Sweden, a heated debate began. E-sportsmen, fans and organizations opposed the Riksdag, the Swedish Sports Confederation and even the police, who had made the final interpretation regarding which events are allowed during the pandemic period.

After much deliberation, the organizers chose to move the event to Romania, which was met with harsh criticism. However, this event is not the only major e-sports tournament of the year. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS: GO, also has its largest tournament booked in the Swedish capital during the autumn.

With the help of the drama from the Dota 2 event and an earlier start to the negotiations now have one government decision taken in the case. In future, e-sports will be counted as other sports regarding visas for athletes and the events will no longer be subject to approach restrictions for the participants.

However, Stockholm as a host city has not yet been secured. The organizer PGL published a press release at the end of July where they explained that they have started looking for other cities that can hold the event. In addition, an additional requirement was made in connection with this announcement. PGL also wants to be able to have as many supporters on site as possible, which right now according to Swedish restrictions is 300 people per section. The event, which is planned to be held in the Globe, would thus involve around 4,000 supporters on site.

Regardless of what they think are enough supporters and what the restrictions say, a host city will be completely determined on September 16, which is also the date when the tickets will be released.