Flowers and bees come to Farming Simulator 22

In fact, bees are probably the ones who work hardest on a farm. Without the small lives, no bigger life is called that. Therefore, it is perhaps no more than logical that beekeeping becomes a part of the future Farming Simulator 22. In order to succeed with the crops, it is now necessary for hives to be placed in suitable places by the fields. As a natural by-product, you of course get honey that can be sold for extra income.

It may be just as natural to have a greenhouse for cold-sensitive crops. And of course we will get these in the next edition of the agricultural simulator. Here you can grow fruit and vegetables both lengthwise and crosswise, all year round. How about serving up salad, tomatoes and strawberries?

New for this year is a game world that changes with the seasons. Now it becomes necessary to prepare for winter. Here, too, the greenhouses come in handy. They let you continue to produce crops even though the snow is pouring down and your tractors are busy plowing the roads elsewhere.

Farming Simulator 22 released to most platforms on November 22nd.