Fnatic wins prestige exchange with Dignitas – CS: GO

When the two Swedish teams are set against each other, anything can happen. On paper, Fnatic is clearly the stronger team with a third place on HLTV’s world ranking. However, when faced with their old rivals in Dignitas, who previously played in Ninjas in Pajamas, anything can happen. So it was obvious for excitement in the European group play of Blast Premier: Spring 2020.

Unfortunately, every match can not be a shudder and Fnatic immediately showed that they had no plans to lose. Ten rounds were required before all players in Dignitas had an elimination, another one was required before taking their first round. Here, however, things began to happen. Dignitas increased the tempo while the opponents began to relax and could go into halftime with 11-4.

The second half started with advantage for Dignitas, but such a recovery requires an enormous amount. The match ended 16-9 to Fnatic. A clip with highlights from the hit you will find here.

Both teams advance to the playoffs, which will decide which three teams will advance to the final tournament. Dignitas, Fnatic and Ninjas in Pajamas will all participate in the same part of the playoffs that take place this weekend. First off is Dignitas against Vitality today at 16:00. The match can be followed here.

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