Follow the creation process of Diablo IV

Diablo IV is in its second quarter of development and we have some sweets to share. Blizzard keeps players updated every quarter and in their latest blog posts they focus on characters and monsters. You can take a look at their blog post here for a more in-depth picture of what we have to expect.

Game Director Luis Barriga, Art Director John Mueller, Associate Art Director (for characters) Nick Chilano and Lead Character Artist Arnaud Kotelnikoff take us on a small tour of how they deal with the visual elements of the various character classes and the monsters that roam the Sanctuary . Diablo IV will allow players to customize their characters to a level that exceeds previous games. Players will be able to create a completely unique character, but still be faithful to the game’s dark fantasy.

The team has also dived into modern technology, such as PBR (physically based rendering) and the use of movie sequences using the in-game engine. This will give the story a new dimension, according to the developers. In the blog post you can find a bunch of different still images and animated sequences that show off some of the new enemies that players will face. Including Blood Bishop, Skeleton Lord, Succubus and other horrible creatures.

In Dablo IV you will play as more than just an avatar for the class you have chosen – you will be able to create your very own, unique character.