FORECLOSED has release dates and yummy DualSense features

FORECLOSED is a highly stylistic third-person shooter game from Merge Games and Antab Studio. After a look at the pictures, it is easy to make connections to games like XIII and No More Heroes, but with a distinct neon-colored harmonic. The developers describe the game itself as an “interactive comic book” in the cyberpunk genre with clear inspirations from, among others. Deus Ex and Max Payne.

The game is about Evan Kapnos, a man who loses his identity and has to flee his city with life at stake. In true cyberpunk spirit, it is through various implants that can also be upgraded via an RPG-like skill system.

The game was announced a little more than a year ago and will be released on “all” digital stores on 12 August. These include Steam, Epic, Stadia, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo’s eShop.

For PlayStation 5 owners coming FORECLOSED have a little extra surprise in the form of DualSense features exclusive to the format. The haptic feedback and adaptive shoulder buttons will have full support in the game and act differently depending on the player’s weapon. The control lights and speakers will at the same time reflect the tumult that FORECLOSED promises. Weapons will, for example, show the degree of overheating via the control light, while private radio communication will be delivered via the loudspeaker.