Foreplay: OlliOlli World | Varvat

OlliOlli World is the third part in Roll7:’s skateboard game series. This series has distinguished itself for its easy-to-learn, addictive gameplay and beautiful aesthetics. OlliOlli World seems to continue this trend, but shifts the graphics to a more cartoonish look. The game thus gets both a more lavish expression, a more solid and colorful list of characters and a friendlier expression for uninitiated players.

During last week’s E3 trade fair, the latest was released trailers for OlliOlli World (linked above), but the publisher has already let a couple of us curious game writers and web creators watch a closed demo.

A good first impression

In addition to the striking visual impression, which brings to mind Rick & Morty, Adventure Time and Steven Universe, among others, has OlliOlli World arcade qualities. The player must quickly scrape together points as he rolls the board through a 2.5D landscape (where, however, you only move in one plane). I have not played the original games or any of their ports (there are a lot!), But it was no problem to get acquainted with the gameplay. Speed ​​up, jump, trick, gate – everything goes like clockwork before you know it.

The first tracks in the demo served as an introduction. At the same time, nothing stopped me from checking the controls via the pause menu. With my hand on my heart, it must be admitted that I am completely useless at reading combo lists, whether it is a trick in an extreme sports game or an attack pattern in a fighting game. Eventually, however, they will surely come loose for me too. Because I want to. Olliolli World awakens the scorer in me. With its distinct hub worlds and well-defined paths, there is also a certain desire to hike. Only among the demon’s two islands were there more than a dozen courses, and they all felt unique and well-created. Some had several roads, some of which led to the unlocking of new lanes. Together with the promised skateboarding business Rad Dad’s, I see many potential playing hours ahead of me in Radlandia.