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Foreplay: OlliOlli World | Varvat

Foreplay: OlliOlli World |  Varvat

OlliOlli World is the third part in Roll7:’s skateboard game series. This series has distinguished itself for its easy-to-learn, addictive gameplay and beautiful aesthetics. OlliOlli World seems to continue this trend, but shifts the graphics to a more cartoonish look. The game thus gets both a more lavish expression, a more solid and colorful list of characters and a friendlier expression for uninitiated players.

During last week’s E3 trade fair, the latest was released trailers for OlliOlli World (linked above), but the publisher has already let a couple of us curious game writers and web creators watch a closed demo.

A good first impression

In addition to the striking visual impression, which brings to mind Rick & Morty, Adventure Time and Steven Universe, among others, has OlliOlli World arcade qualities. The player must quickly scrape together points as he rolls the board through a 2.5D landscape (where, however, you only move in one plane). I have not played the original games or any of their ports (there are a lot!), But it was no problem to get acquainted with the gameplay. Speed ​​up, jump, trick, gate – everything goes like clockwork before you know it.

The first tracks in the demo served as an introduction. At the same time, nothing stopped me from checking the controls