Former official believes series is underestimated

If Call of Duty symbolizes in the minds of the general public a certain idea of ​​the blockbuster par excellence in the video game industry, it is an understatement to say that the Activision series suffers just as much ridicule from a certain an audience of players, which only spares it very little. After years of silence, an “ex” decides to speak out in an attempt to rehabilitate “Kalaf”.

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With around fifty titles to his credit, Glen Schofield is what one can legitimately call an industry veteran. Dj when The Simpsons enchant the adventures of dubious quality on NES, the artist turned director had the opportunity to roll his bump at Activision, and produce a few episodes of the most famous series of FPS: Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and WWII.

It was not my wars

Asked about his future game, The Callisto Protocol, by our colleagues at Edge magazine, Schofield returned to his story with the Call of Duty series, even if it means twisting some common ideas:

Today, people think Call of Duty is something you chop up, and a new episode ends up coming out. They don’t realize how hard to work for each of them. We work with experts: I studied WWII for three years. I have worked with historians. I spent eight days in a van traveling through Europe to get to the places where the action was taking place. I shot old guns. This is what to do when working on a Call of Duty game.

And failing to be able to go in the near future to measure your level of possible dystopia, the guys from the Sledgehammer studio are also doing a real research work:

To become experts, we worked with Navy SEALS and Delta Force units to study their tactics and techniques. We had to study the different special forces around the world: England, France, Spain and Italy, because they are found in the game.

If the producer takes a priori care to dwell on the research work more than on the background of the series, which attracts many critics as to the vision of the world and the geopolitics that it conveys, he relativizes the competition that would exist. internally between the various studios responsible for maintaining the annual rhythm of the series:

There are, of course. It’s odd, because we support each of the other studios, because all Call of Duty has to sell well, even if you always hope to be the one with the highest score. And yet everyone gives a helping hand at one time or another. My team has for example worked on levels and items in Black Ops, there is a real brotherhood.

Now very busy on the Jupiterian survival horror The Callisto Protocol, Schofield will therefore not participate in the Call of Duty Vanguard project, whose exit window is still very uncertain. *

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