Former PlayStation Exclusive Godfall is coming to Xbox in April

Former PlayStation Exclusive Godfall is coming to Xbox in April

Remember god drop† Gearbox Publishing’s “loot-powered action-adventure” launched in November 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC, and now it’s finally coming to Xbox in April.

Xbox’s version is the “Ultimate Edition”, which includes the core experience of Godfall, several “game-changing updates”, the Fire & Darkness expansion and the previously exclusive Ascended Edition and pre-order bonuses.

Godfall has released very lukewarm reviews in 2020, reaching a metacritic score of 61%, and our sister site Push Square gave it an “average” 5/10 score as part of their verdict. That was a few years ago, of course, and the game has evolved since then, with the Ultimate Edition clearly being the most complete version of it yet.

In addition, the “Exalted Update” arriving the same day as release (April 7) is the game’s biggest update yet, with revamped battles, an improved campaign, an all-new Spirit Realms, and much more, so it sounds much improved.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition is available for $39.99 on Xbox, with a special price of $29.99 at launch.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition is the best and most complete way to enjoy Godfall. Experience every update and improvement since launch bundled in one Ultimate package. Godfall: Ultimate Edition includes the base game, Fire & Darkness Expansion, and the Ascended and Pre-order Cosmetic Packages for travel.”

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