Forspoken: the director reassures players about the next PS5 exclusive

Now expected for next spring, Forspoken could not miss the Tokyo Game Show 2021 … even if it means coming with very little material.

Those who had conscientiously noted the schedule recently unveiled by the publisher knew that the very first game from Luminous Productions would brighten up the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2021: after the Square Enix Presents, very thin in novelties, Forspoken promised us on paper 30 minutes rich in emotions, with real pieces of Luminous Engine in them. On paper only …

The group is doing well

Should we blame a distant formula, or the reluctance of the publisher? There is always that despite this half-hour window, the director Takeshi Aramaki was mainly content to recall the scriptwriting bases of Forspoken, on which we had already come back last month. Between the villainous Tentas and the bottom ofisekai assumed, he will still have agreed to reveal some very pretty preparatory documents, the very ones that punctuate your reading.

Fortunately, development seems to be on its way, so Luminous Productions shouldn’t have to relive the trauma of a certain Final Fantasy XV., since the site seems well underway, despite the youth of the structure:

It is now three years since Luminous was founded. To be honest with you, creating a whole new license was very difficult, and I’m just happy to be here today. I think people watching us want to know how advanced the game is: we’ve finished all of the coding and overall design. Now we spend most of our time playing the game in order to polish it. We look for segments that we can make more interesting, or things that are too difficult to understand, and we correct them one by one.

We are reassured. while waiting to discover a little more “in the coming days”, Forspoken should therefore make us change dimension in spring 2022, on PS5 and PC.