Fortnite: a crossover with Naruto is confirmed soon

Who hasn’t had their Fortnite collaboration yet, outside of Among Us? Person ? Ah yes, there remains the ninja of Konoha. But rest assured, it’s coming soon.

An event dedicated to Narutoo Shippuden will debut on November 16 in Fortnite. This new collaboration will not surprise many people, the players of the Battle Royale of Epic Games have been able to meet guests from all walks of life since its creation. A meeting with a Shonen among the most popular in recent years – we are talking about the best-selling manga in France in 2020. For the time being, the announcement has been made on social networks, with the image of a sky well blue and no comment.

Naruto eats a Burrito with Boruto

It’s hard to know what Epic Games has in store for us. But one can imagine, remembering past collaborations with Marvel, Capcom, Riot and others. Skins, emotes, cosmetic items in shambles … And why not different game modes or collaborative confrontation against a nine-tailed fox? It would be an opportunity to change your style a bit. Even though, in the end, there can only be one Hokage. But let’s wait to find out more.

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