Fortnite dances with STARS Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine

A handful of days after welcoming two of the main characters of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, Epic Games’ Battle Royale offers itself new prestigious residents.

Who will prevent Fortnite from receiving all the skins in the universe? Who, we ask you? Certainly not Capcom, which once again offers Epic Games to let players have fun with its iconic characters. The new video game legends available in the game right now remind us of the closeness to Halloween. They come straight from a survival horror series.

Jill, Chris and alternative outfits

After Ryu, Guile, Cammy from Street Fighter, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil take a tour of the island of Fortnite. Featured in the STARS Squad set, the two survivors of Spencer Manor will not be presenting just one outfit.

Whether it’s taking out monsters from the cube or storming IO labs, face evil with the Boulder Slayer Chris Redfield and the ace of the lock Jill valentine. Chris Redfield outfit comes with alternate style Chris Redfield of the Hound Wolf Squad, from her unpleasant experience in a lost snowy village, while the Jill Valentine outfit features the style Jill Valentine from Raccoon City, recalling his frantic race to escape a determined assailant.

Will you have enough space in your locker? Face any eventuality with the back accessory Green herb (with its alternative styles, Red grass and Blue grass) freshly picked in the Arklay mountains, save your game by taking your back prop Typewriter, amaze the gallery with the pickaxe Hot Dogger (a knife developed by Umbrella to combat biological weapons) and wield the tool that once belonged to evil: the pickaxe Electric baton.

The pack also features a loading screen designed by Rodrigo Lorenzo, depicting Chris and Jill grappling with other zombified skins from Fornite. Fortiche.

And because why not, a new emote called Balade du P├ępin is also available.