Fortnite for iPhone seems to be delayed for a while

As you probably already know, Apple and Epic do not agree on most things, so everyone who wants to play Fortnite on their iPhone will unfortunately be affected.

Unfortunately, Epic did not succeed with what they wanted regarding the lawsuit against Apple because they have now appealed this, but it in turn also leads to Apple refusing to let through Fortnite on the App store for iOS.

Apple has even announced now that they will activate Epic’s developer account again when they finish the appeal process and since these types of processes can take time, it can take up to 5 years before Fortnite is actually back on the App store, if Apple does not chooses to let them through anyway in the future.

Never fun when two giants like Epic and Apple do not agree, but at the same time you understand both partners as well, we can only hope that they soon agree so that all Fortnite fans can play again on their iPhones and iPads.