Fortnite is back on iOS and Android thanks to Nvidia

For now, the conflict between Epic Games and Apple / Google is still unresolved and Fortnite is still not officially available on iOS and Android. It was without counting on the presence of Nvidia …

Officially, Fortnite is no longer available on the Play Store, except via an Epic APK. On iOS, this solution is simply not possible. Under these conditions, who would have thought that the Cloud would make it possible to play Fortnite again on both media?

A beta version

Indeed, as indicated Nvidia via its Blog, Fortnite goes join the program GeForce Now starting next week on iOS and Android. Everything will go through a temporary stage of closed beta. The most curious among you can already register on via this link on a waiting list. Small constraint on iOS: you must go through Safari to be able to play.

Fortnite artwork image.
Fortnite is back!

A qualitative experience on the program for Fortnite

Nvidia announces that it has worked actively in collaboration with Epic Games to offer the best possible ergonomics for this revival of Fortnite on mobile, in particular in terms of touch controls, an element consubstantial with this type of mobile user game. Note that the game will also be compatible with Bluetooth accessories (controller) from Nvidia.

This first test version will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the servers and to verify the maximum graphic quality that can be achieved for the game. In short, Epic seems to have found a nice solution to thumb its nose at two large multinationals. Hats off to the artist… or thank you Nvidia, as you choose.