Fracked gets gameplay trailer | Varvat

Anyone who owns a PlayStation VR and has planned to sit inside this summer will, with this trailer, want to fill the filofax with ink after watching this spectacle. Sony has secured a PSVR-exclusive title that apparently combines FPS with skiing, something that of course happens easily if you are at a fracking facility (by the way, perhaps the most reprehensible form of fossil hydrocarbon extraction) on a mountain in Alaska, which is suddenly flooded with “interdimensional” angry types with shining eyes, because someone has dug too deep. The undersigned is moderately impressed by the graphics, but cel-shading and painting rather than photorealistic impression will probably not be as demanding for the machine to process. The trailer that we get to see is fairly linear, but the developers emphasize that the world is actually much more open than that, with a greater opportunity to discover a little of each.

The game is curated by nDreams, whose previous successes include, for example, the kayak sniper game Phantom: Covert Ops and a little more light-hearted Shooty Fruity. Release is so far set to “this summer”.