Framework laptop – replace and upgrade all components yourself

Framework is right on time now that the right to repair movement has begun to gain ground. The computer that has now been launched uses modular technology, which makes the parts in the computer easy to replace. Another advantage is that you can configure the computer completely according to your needs. There have been laptops that could have been upgraded before this one, but they have often been of the model trailing, Framework is a slim computer.

Digital Trends is one of the first to test the computer and they are impressed by both build quality and performance. They write, among other things, that you can choose which ports you want the computer to have. It comes with several different modules with ports, which you can easily take with you and replace if needed. Furthermore, they write that screen, processor and more are interchangeable.

The computer is built to provide easy access to the internal components. But where most laptops only give you access via the bottom of the computer, Framework provides access directly through the keyboard. The site Ifixit calls the computer “almost perfect”.

In terms of price, Framework is in the premium segment. However, given that almost all internal components are replaceable, this means that an outdated processor can be replaced instead of having to buy a new computer.

Framework is so far only sold in the US and costs $ 1,000, but has plans to expand to more markets.