France wants to hide Wish from the web

The American online store Wish took the world by storm a few years ago and became so popular in several countries that it caused problems. In Sweden, for example, Postnord had problems with flooded postal terminals when all parcels from China were to be handled.

Wish has no stock and does not sell any products itself, but acts as a marketplace for other stores and manufacturers that sell directly on the platform. The goods are sent from these, often directly from China.

Last year, the Consumer Protection Agency DGCCRF conducted a survey of Wish by ordering 140 randomly selected products in categories such as toys and electronics. The results were astonishingly poor: of the toys, 45 percent were judged to be dangerous and among the electronics products, as many as 90 percent were dangerous. Even costume jewelry was dangerous in 62 percent of the cases.

Now reports Tech Crunch that several French ministers together announce that Wish will be hidden from search engines such as Google and the App Store until the platform is judged to have improved and no longer makes it so easy for consumers to buy dangerous products that may not be sold in Europe.

Wish tells Tech Crunch that the company removes all products that are detected without CE marking or with trademark infringement, and that the company has tried to work proactively with DGCCRF to get better.

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