Fresh juice in no time – 8 juicers for a better start to the day

Stylish pressure in the fifties

Smeg Juicepress

First out is this colorful citrus press from Italian Smeg. The design is directly inspired by fifties aesthetics mixed with futuristic details. We would even like to say that the machine can be confused with a space rocket (in miniature then). The rubber feet hold the citrus press firmly and the anti-drip spout helps you save on all the valuable juice. After all, it may be needed when warmer weather is common.

Costs from SEK 995 at PriceSpy

Spin more

Kenwood centrifuge

How about real juice squeezed from whatever vegetable or fruit you want? With a raw juice centrifuge, super-useful and durable juices for breakfast can become your new reality. This model from Kenwood can even handle whole apples, which saves you the hard part where you core and cut everything into small pieces. The jug holds between 1-1.5 liters of freshly squeezed, useful juice that can be stored for up to 72 hours.

Costs SEK 3,038 at Bagaren och Kocken

Do not forget the fibers


Philips raw juice centrifuge is specially designed to prevent any fibers from being wasted. The fiber boost function gives the juice you squeeze up to fifty percent more fiber and also saves all leftover pulp in a separate container. The centrifuge is able to squeeze up to three liters of juice at a time. Maybe something for the big family?

Costs SEK 1,690 at Netonnet

Smaller, but machine washable

Bosch juicer

Bosch has the perfect solution for you who do not want to wash dishes by hand. All of Vita Juice 2’s parts can be tucked into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It gives you more time for other important things in life. Like squeezing even more juice.

Costs from SEK 884 at PriceSpy

Also fixes frozen desserts

Panasonic juicer

Panasonic’s contribution to this list has, in addition to the same properties as all other “slow juicers” on the market, also a location for frozen desserts. Just plug in the accessory for the purpose and then get ready to consume wholesome sorbets of your favorite fruits.

Costs from SEK 1,834 at PriceSpy

A versatile juicer

Omega Juicer

Are you looking for something more expensive that, in addition to juice and sorbet, can also fix pasta? Then maybe Omega Juicer’s alternative is for you. It is admittedly a bit more expensive, but in return promises to make everything from freshly squeezed juices, desserts to pasta and peanut butter. Do not let the unconventional design just fool you.

Costs SEK 3,340 at Whiteaway

For quick citrus breaks


Sometimes you “just” need a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Princess juicer may lack all the extra features that other juice machines have, but on the other hand is small and good at what it does. Fits all kinds of citrus fruits and when you are done, you can easily put the juice container in the dishwasher.

Costs SEK 608 at Ginza

Time to cash in on the juices?

Kuvings pro-juicer

Kuving’s “worst” for slow juicers has a powerful motor that can fix fresh juice for you for up to 24 hours straight. Instead of just squeezing the fruit, it grinds everything down, and thus you get better shelf life on the juice. Includes a light and airtight container for up to three days of storage. Maybe something for you who intend to work extra as a juice salesman during the summer?

Costs SEK 4,999 at Whiteaway