Galaxy Watch 4: Everything we know about Samsung’s next smartwatch

Samsung’s smartwatches have long been among the absolute best on the market. They have also been one of the Android user’s main alternatives to the Apple Watch, even though the Galaxy Watch watches are not even powered by Google’s own Wear OS.

Samsung watches have instead been powered by their own Tizen, something that will change already in 2021. The Korean manufacturer has initiated a collaboration with Google to develop the optimal operating system for smartwatches. The announcement came during the Google I / O developer conference and could mean big changes for the Galaxy Watch 4 and the next smartwatches from Samsung.

When will the Galaxy Watch 4 be released?

Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 both were released in August. It is no daring guess that Samsung wants to launch the new watches this summer, not least considering that the Google collaboration was announced this May. Samsung probably does not want to wait too long to show something concrete!

It felt delicious Ice Universe wrote already in March “Q2” as a launch period, which in that case would mean sometime between April and June. It sounds unusually early, and more interesting is that the Galaxy Watch Active 4 is also mentioned. Samsung has previously launched the Galaxy and Active models at good intervals, but maybe that will change this year. If this rumor is true, Samsung will skip the number 3 in its Active series, and number jumps the manufacturer has not been unfamiliar with before.

Sammobile, on the other hand, claims that it is “Q3” that applies. It still allows for a summer launch, but opens up for it to take place from August to September. We at M3 pull in with “sometime this summer” as the safest card, at least before we saw a glimpse of any Unpacked invitation from Samsung.

Expected news in Galaxy Watch 4

Already mentioned Ice Universe was already out in February and claimed that the next Galaxy Watch would change operating system. This turned out to be true three months later, and it is clear that future Galaxy Watch watches will be powered by Wear. It is a merger of Google’s Wear Olympics and Samsung’s Tizen, which is expected to bring about major changes.

Google I / O
Photo: GoogleGoogle and Samsung, now best watch buddies

Samsung watches, for example, have lacked access to important Google apps and features. Instead, Galaxy Watch has had to rely on a proprietary app store, and also lacked access to Google Assistant, Maps and other “obvious” services. However, Samsung’s smartwatches have often outperformed the Wear OS options in terms of battery life, navigation and sheer speed.

Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 are primarily expected to complement the range of software with Google’s apps and services. That, for example, Google Fit will be able to be installed on the new watches is no big deal. Another news that is being whispered about is a new 5-nanometer processor that is said to be significantly faster than the current 10-nanometer processor that powers the Galaxy Watch 3.

Regarding health functions, rumors are more sparse. Korean ET News previously suggested that Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches would be equipped with glucose meters, but that rumor has it that Sammobile now have been shot down.

Leaks around specifically Watch Active 4 mention a slimmer design, thinner screen edges and a transition from 2.5d glass (slightly bulging from the edges) to a completely flat one. Roland Quandt, another fan, states that the design choices are about aluminum and steel. According to Max Weinbach on Android Police both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 are released in a 41- and 45-millimeter version, respectively.

What will the Galaxy Watch 4 cost?

Galaxy Watch 3 (45 mm, lte) cost just over 5,000 kronor when it was released. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 cost just under this. These are expensive premium smartwatches and there is no indication that the upcoming models will deviate from Samsung’s pricing.

For previous launches, Samsung, annoyingly enough for price-conscious, has primarily focused on selling the expensive e-sim models in Sweden. It will be interesting to see if you with the next generation of watches choose to invest in the more affordable bluetooth variants – we hope so anyway.