Alan Wake To Be Pulled From Steam

By Tyler Brooks

Those who have never played Alan Wake on PC back in 2010 may lose their chance forever, as the game is set to be removed from Steam after this weekend on May 15th due to expiring music licenses.

If you still haven’t experienced the dark, suffocating atmosphere of Alan Wake’s nightmares, you’ll have one last chance to pick it up for 90% off on both the Steam store, and if you're looking for a DRM-free version, on GOG. While the expiring licenses won’t be affecting the Alan Wake side-story, American Nightmare, it will also be discounted along with all other DLC

All of the soundtrack licenses are expiring, everything from the game's fictional band "The Old Gods of Asgard" to David Bowie's "Space Oddity," and considering that the soundtrack is so integral to the experience of the game, simply patching it all out is a difficult process. Remedy is looking to re-license the music, but it is unknown how long this process will take. Despite it all, however, Remedy has stressed on Twitter that those who have already purchased the game will get to keep it.

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